Dear Santa...

All I want for Christmas, are new TOYS! 


Please consider a contribution to our Toys for Birds Drive this winter!

Here is some useful information for selecting parrot safe toys to donate:
They should be...

- Made of healthy, natural & safe materials (such as bamboo, coconut, cardboard, leather, cotton) 

- Free of artificial dyes

- Lacking components in which a bird's toes or beak can become caught in, as well as components that can cause choking (bells with clappers are a no-no for our birds!)

- Plastic, lead & zinc free! (Any metal components should be stainless steel!)

Need some ideas? Here are a few of our flock's favorite holiday surprises!


Unable to shop for a suitable toy or unsure of what to buy? We are also grateful for monetary donations with which we can order toys for our flock!

Donate to the Toys for Birds Drive!