Free Flight Learning Center

Free Flight's Learning Center programs educate the public about the specialized needs of companion birds.

We inform participants about the numerous species of rare and endangered birds living among us, their care, feeding, behavior, and conservation efforts in their natural habitats. Free Flight offers educational programs at the sanctuary for both adults and children, as well as hosting field trips, bringing education programs to schools, libraries, nursing homes and community events.

Our unique tropical outdoor setting located in Del Mar allows parrots and people to interact. Just like most of us, birds thrive on human attention. While at Free Flight you can enjoy the opportunity to handle the birds and learn about them from our Free Flight staff and docents.


  • Children learn new skills while having fun with the birds.
  • Seniors enjoy socializing with the patrons and the parrots.
  • Community events increase parrot awareness
Did You Know?
The parrot’s upper mandible is fused to the skull like other birds’, but moves independently by means of a unique joint, the craniofacial hinge.
— Free Flight Fun Fact

Educational Programs

Junior Docent

Teens 13-17 years participate in a week-long training program designed to educate them on becoming docents at the sanctuary. See our calendar for dates and times.

Parrot Camp

Children grades 3-6 spend a week learning about and having fun with the birds. See our calendar for dates and times.

Senior Docent

Adults 55 + who would like to get involved as docents may complete a 3 hour training course at the sanctuary covering basic avian knowledge.

Click Here! to request more information on participating in one of our educational programs, or Call: 858-481-3148

Free Flight Outreach Flock Members

Exotic Bird Outreach Program

Our outreach flock is available for public and private bird shows.

We travel locally to your venue with several of our birds for entertaining and educational presentations. Make your next event a memorable one! All your guests can interact with the birds and see how wonderful they truly are.

Off-site Events: $200/hour


Interact with our outreach flock at your local venue!

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