Companion Bird Boarding, DayCare, Grooming, and Training.

Boarding Your Companion Bird

Free Flight features the only boarding facility in San Diego where your companion parrot can enjoy a safe tropical outdoor experience from the comfort of his own open perch amidst the company of our flock.

When outside, your bird will be carefully monitored by trained staff members while visitor interaction provides plenty of quality attention and socialization. (Off limits to visitors is also available upon request). In the evenings, your bird will return to his own freshly cleaned cage indoors, filled with his favorite toys and treats from home. To ensure a high quality diet, in addition to premium seed, pellets and nuts, your bird will be provided a fresh variety of fruits and vegetables daily.

Tyler's bag is packed — ready to check in for Boarding at Free Flight

Tyler's bag is packed — ready to check in for Boarding at Free Flight


Many of our clients have discovered the convenience of using Free Flight as a daycare option to help their parrots get the attention they need when mom and dad are too busy working.

While all our staff members are trained in parrot behavior and in recognizing the need for medical attention, you can feel extra confident knowing the Animal and Bird Hospital of Del Mar is right next door and ready to help should the need arise.

Grooming services for exotic birds

Add a little spa treatment to your birds experience while boarding at Free Flight.

Our skilled staff has been extensively trained to make the process of wing clipping, nail trimming and beak cleaning/shaping as stress-free as possible for your companion bird.

This service is only for clients who have had their bird pre-screened through an annual veterinary checkup.

Behavior Consultation for your bird

Bird Behavior Consultation
Bird Socialization

Aggressive biting, screaming for attention and destructive feather mutilation top the list of frustrating parrot behaviors. We offer our combined experience to provide solutions to people and their parrots when things become unmanageable.

Schedule a consultation either at the sanctuary or in your home.


Boarding hours

9am – 5pm daily
9am – 3pm Wednesday

To maintain the safest and healthiest environment for all the parrots that stay with us, we require an annual veterinary check-up including blood work, cultures, and an exam. Please contact us if you have any questions.

Call: 858-481-3148

BoardIng Fees

Day Board is available for just $10 / day

2 bonded birds in 1 cage is 1/2 price for the second bird.

Longer term boarding is available at discounted rates, please contact us for more information.

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