Abby Says: Are extreme temperature changes harmful to birds?


I have noticed that the temperatures are dropping at night while going up 20-30 degrees in the daytime. Is this harmful to birds?


Hi Sarah, I’m so happy you asked this question! It can be hard on companion birds to deal with the sudden changes in our Fall weather. Often in Southern California, it can be upwards of 70 degrees during the day, but drop down to the 40’s at night. That change can be harmful. If you don’t want to warm up your entire home, get a space heater with a thermostat for the room where your bird(s) sleeps. Keep it on low during the night when it grows chilly. Some important advice when buying a space heater: Do not buy one with a Teflon coating. Also, run any new heater on high outside before using it around your bird. That way any oils or toxins can burn off safely.

I hope this helps you to create a more stable ambiance for your flock.

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