Spring is in the Air

Greetings! The sun is radiant, flowers are in bloom... Spring is here. Free Flight is happily anticipating the upcoming Spring event, Brunch with the Birds. We are also excited to announce a couple of fun summer programs, and to welcome our spring and summer visitors as they discover our wonderful sanctuary. Read on to learn about our events and programs and news about our birds.

Capital Campaign - Cage Fund

Free Flight's major fundraising goal is to raise $120,000 to have new stainless steel cages built by Animal Environments. The cages we have had for 20 years work, but they pose many problems for the staff and birds living in them. The new cages, which will hold up for decades, will provide a safer environment, and a much more efficient cleaning and feeding process for staff and volunteers.

Our first double stack cage for Greenwinged and Hyacinth Macaws and Moluccan Cockatoos will be here in approximately 6 weeks. Please call us if you would like to come check it out.

If you can make a one-time contribution to the cage fund or prefer a monthly giving option, please know that we appreciate every dollar. We can't improve the lives of the 45+ birds in our care without your help.

Program Updates:


Education Programs:

We have several educational and entertaining programs offered this summer.

Parrot Camp – June 22-26, for ages 9-12
Interact with our birds and learn about the behaviors, needs and lifestyles of exotic birds, both in the wild and in captivity.

Junior Docent Class – July 13-17, for ages 13-17
Learn about parrots in a sanctuary setting and gain experience handling and presenting them to the public.

Free Flight is starting a new program this year to get Seniors involved in becoming docents. Please contact us if you are interested in this opportunity.

The Educational Outreach team has been active the last few months. The birds have made appearances at The Winston School in Del Mar, a birthday party in Cardiff, and the Vida del Mar assisted living community. For any venue suggestions or requests or to sign up for classes, please contact Lauren.

Volunteer Opportunities:

We are looking for 5-6 volunteers who can work weekday mornings 9-11 or afternoons 1-4 starting now and through the busy summer months.

If you can donate a couple of hours in the mornings to help put the birds out and clean cages, or in the afternoon to feed the birds and help watch the yard, we would love to hear from you.

Also, if you have other skills to offer, such as in gardening or fundraising, please call or email our volunteer coordinator, Sarah.

SDSU's Future Veterinarian Club regularly comes out to help out at Free Flight.

SDSU's Future Veterinarian Club regularly comes out to help out at Free Flight.

Adoption Updates:

New Free Flight Birds

Two new birds have been welcomed into the flock. Red, an extremely friendly Greenwinged Macaw and Skittles, a sweet Green Cheeked Conure.


Ernie, a 30 year old Yellow Naped Amazon has found a great new home! Two adoptions are pending: for Zeke, a Caique and Aussie, a Cockatiel.

Ernie and her new friend

Ernie and her new friend


Featured for Adoption

Cosmo is a social and friendly African Grey living at Free Flight. He has recently indicated to us that he's ready to find a new home of his own. He makes a lot of funny noises and readily steps up for a trustworthy human to receive some attention. Come meet Cosmo if you are looking to adopt a wonderful companion parrot!

Cosmo is available for adoption.

Cosmo is available for adoption.