Meet our residents…

The parrots in our care are constantly evaluated to ensure they are being housed with their best interest in mind. Some are enjoying permanent residency with us due to age, health or special needs, while others are determined to be good candidates for future adoption. Here are just a few of the feathered friends who call Free Flight home.


Ziggy & Lapis

Ziggy and Lapis, both in their 60’s, are two of our oldest residents. Despite being arthritic and blind, Ziggy (Scarlet Macaw) is quite a clever bird. His best friend, Lapis (Blue & Gold Macaw) spends all day preening and looking out for him. Their friendship brings joy to staff, volunteers and visitors daily. Ziggy can be found quietly testing his wings in the wind (“flying” on his perch) and Lapis frequently instigates many “Hello Bird!” vocalizing competitions in the sanctuary. Both are happily “retired” at Free Flight, and will live the rest of their lives here.



Circe is a 28 year old Blue & Gold Macaw for whom we are actively seeking a home. She has lived with us since 2011, when her former owner began to travel frequently. She prefers men, but has built substantial relationships with many patient females. Circe is an exceptionally hormonal macaw, and is constantly trying to nest. This can sometimes lead to erratic shifts in her behavior. She will need someone who will be patient with her and have healthy boundaries for all the cuddles and love she has to give. She also knows several fun tricks - our favorite is her double-wing "wave!"

Thank you to April Williams for Sponsoring Circe



Mona has been at Free Flight since 2015 when she needed to be re-homed when her human companions had a child who required intensive care. She is very intelligent and a wonderful talker. She also loves head scritches. Mona takes a good deal of time to win over before she trusts you, but once you do, she will never forget it. She would do best in a home where she can be the center of attention again. Mona is about 11 years old.



Our newest resident, Toby (Yellow Naped Amazon), moved in earlier this fall. A devoted couple gave him endless love, enrichment and companionship for his first 30 years of life. Unfortunately, it is often very difficult to continue the same level of care for our parrot companions as we age. Toby’s parronts made the difficult and selfless decision to rehome him before their dedicated care for him was compromised. We are now getting to know his amazing personality and falling head over heels for him. Visit us to enjoy his laughter and funny expressions and make a new friend!

Thank you to Michael & Juanita for sponsoring Toby



Precious (Red Lored Amazon) moved in this September and we could not be more in love with her. 4 decades ago she was found walking helplessly along the side of a road in Southern California and rescued by a good samaritan. She then made her way to and was owned by the same caring couple for the last 40 years who. Unfortunately, the effects of Alzheimer’s forced them to find Precious a new home. As an older Amazon, we are pleased to offer her a specialty diet and helpful geriatric care.

Thank you to Robert & Lenore for Sponsoring Precious


Another new resident, Alvin is an intelligent and handsome boy who has been acclimating well to sanctuary life this year. Like many African Greys, he has an incredible ability to mimic sounds and speech. He is especially interesting to watch investigating new items and solving problems. Alvin is 16 years old. Like many other birds who have come to live with us, Alvin was relinquished because his owner needed to step in as primary caregiver to an aging parent.

Thank you to Dianne M. & Susy Zanese for sponsoring Alvin



In 2019 we will celebrate Obi’s 70th birthday! He is an Umbrella Cockatoo with a heart of gold who always needs to be the center of attention. Despite being our eldest resident, he surprises us daily with his spunk and wit. He is also very strong and adores chewing and destroying anything he can get his beak on. Obi especially loves flirting with and showing off for female cockatoos. Check out his special Birdday Bash last year! Obi is happily calling Free Flight a forever home.



Aruba is one of our tiniest and most beloved avian ambassadors. He is a 14 year old sun conure and a permanent resident to the sanctuary. Sadly, he lost his mate, Kiwi, to cancer earlier this year. Despite this heartbreak, Aruba has learned to better rely on human caretakers and looks forward to scritches and love from them daily. He loves being surrounded by and being loud alongside other conures, too.



Tika has been living at Free Flight since 2014 and is currently adoptable. He is about 19 years old and LOVES to talk. Our favorite and well-timed expressions include “MMMMmm!” when he’s given anything to eat and “Hello Tika bird, how are youuu?” when a preferred human approaches his nighttime cage. Tika is by far our most intelligent macaw, but this of course comes with an added element of mischief. Tika is a strong-willed bird, who will require an owner with considerable experience with large parrots. He is very food-driven, and loves to learn tricks and jobs for edible rewards. As a very hormonal male macaw, Tika would do best in a home with no other female macaws.