Meet the parrots looking for homes...


HARLEY (Lesser sulphur-crested cockatoo)

Harley came to live with us in 2014 after substantial changes to his life led his behavior to be unpredictable and at times, aggressive. We estimate he is about 33 years old. Due to a broken wing and several missing toes, Harley does not have great balance in perching and being carried on a hand. This can sometimes lead to him becoming frustrated and biting. Despite this, he is a wonderful and loving bird who adores head scritches and cuddles. Harley also loves to chew, everything and anything! He will do best in an adults-only household, where he can receive the focused attention and dedicated enrichment he deserves.

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MACAWLI (Green-winged Macaw)

Macawli came to Free Flight in 2012 after he had become cage-aggressive, loud and challenging at home and his former owners needed to focus on caring for an elderly parent. In 2014, he developed digestive problems related to consuming fruits and vegetables. Throughout his time here, we have had him on various treatments and probiotic regimens, however, the most successful change has been removing produce from his diet altogether. He is now on a strict supplemented diet to ensure optimum health. Macawli is looking for a home with experienced macaw owners, who are able to carefully monitor and adjust his feeding as needed, in addition to ensuring he gets any and all veterinary care he might require.

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BABY BUBBA (Yellow Naped Amazon)

Baby Bubba came to live with us in 2016. Her owner felt he was out of the home too much to give her the daily enrichment she deserved. Baby Bubba is 17 years old, and a relatively calm and quiet parrot compared to most of the amazons we've met. She is very particular in who she accepts, but once she forms a trust bond with you, she will allow you to hold her and give her scritches. Baby Bubba would do best in a home that will allow her to form a primary bond with one individual.

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TIKA (Blue & Gold Macaw)

Tika has been living at Free Flight since 2014 and is about 18 years old. He is by far our most intelligent macaw, but this of course comes with an added element of mischief. Tika is a strong-willed bird, who will require an owner with considerable experience with large parrots. He is very food-driven, so while we do need to watch what he eats to keep him from becoming too plump, he has great potential for learning awesome tricks. As a very hormonal male macaw, Tika would do best in a home with no other female macaws.

WILHEMINA (Goffin's Cockatoo)

Wilhemina came to live at Free Flight in 2012. Bonded most predominantly to the father figure in her home, she struggled with his traveling for work and developed manipulative behaviors towards the other family members in the home. Wilhemina loves cuddling with trusted individuals. Like all Goffin's cockatoos, she requires considerable mental enrichment and exercise. She would do best in a home where she can be as loud as she likes, and receive a great deal of supervised time outside of her cage to play. Wilhemina is about 9 years old.


LUNA (Eclectus)

Luna moved in with us in 2016 when her family moved in with other relatives and could not bring her along. She is 6 years old. As a bit of a "late-bloomer," Luna has recently come into full sexual maturity and has become more particular about who handles her and when. She would do best with someone with prior bird experience who is able to continuously work with her on her manners.


OLLIE (Umbrella Cockatoo)

Ollie came to Free Flight in 2012, when his family and home underwent some serious changes. He has a history of being unpredictably aggressive at times and because of this, will require a home with substantial cockatoo experience. That being said, he is a wonderful parrot who enjoys being pet, chewing anything he can get his beak on, and talking to his human companions. Ollie is about 25 years old and incredibly intelligent. He's looking to be the center of attention in his next home.

CIRCE (Blue & Gold Macaw)

Circe has lived with us since 2011, when her former owner began to travel frequently. She prefers men, but has built substantial relationships with many patient females. Circe is an exceptionally hormonal macaw, and is constantly trying to nest. This can sometimes lead to erratic shifts in her behavior. She will need someone who will be patient with her and have healthy boundaries for all the cuddles and love she has to give. Circe is 28 years old and also knows several fun tricks - our favorite is her double-wing "wave!"


ECHO (Cockatiel)

Echo came to live with us in 2016, when his family moved abroad and was unable to bring him along. At a ripe 18 years old, he is extremely social and healthy. He is happier to be with humans than other birds, and is looking for someone to sing and talk to him all-day long.

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COTTON (Goffin's Cockatoo)

Cotton came to live with us in 2013. Just 7 years old now, Cotton is one of the most energetic and playful parrots we have ever met. He is sometimes nippy, but we have been working with him on not biting and he is doing much better. Cotton requires focused attention and a consistent routine in order to thrive. He is extremely intelligent and also an escape artist. He will need a family who can keep his mind and beak busy, while keeping him safely supervised. Cotton will do best in a home in which he can be the center of attention. 

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DUCHESS (Medium Lesser Sulphur-Crested Cockatoo)

Duchess came to us in 2016 after the health of her previous owners declined significantly. She has struggled with feather-plucking and now does not seem to grow feathers on her body anymore. Duchess is about 22 years old now. She is an incredibly loving bird who loves to snuggle and tries her hardest to never bite. She is often nervous around new people and will fly/hop away from them when uncomfortable. Though we have maintained Duchess' flight feathers trimmed, she happily invites herself wherever she wants to go. Duchess also enjoys talking and showing off her beautiful crest when she gets excited.


MERLIN (Eclectus)

A long time boarder with us, Merlin moved in to Free Flight in 2016. He is an anxious bird, who is easily frightened. He struggles with plucking the feathers on his chest and body. As an Eclectus, he greatly enjoys eating a variety of foods, especially all sorts of fruits and vegetables. Merlin sings opera, and adores it when others sing back to him. He would do best in a calm, adults-only household. Merlin is 22 years old.

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MONA (Scarlet Macaw)

Mona has been at Free Flight since 2015. Just 10 years old, Mona needed to be re-homed when her human companions had a child who required intensive care. She is very intelligent and a wonderful talker. She also loves head scritches. But, Mona takes a good deal of time to win over before she trusts you. She would do best in a home where she can be the center of attention again.


ROSQUE (Blue & Gold Macaw)

Rosque (pronounced "Roscoe") has been with us since 2016, when her owners moved to South America. She is 32 years old and a very spunky bird. She enjoys showing off her loud calls, in addition to making big smooching sounds. Rosque will need a home where she can be as loud as she likes and will receive plenty of enrichment and mental stimulation.

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JESSE (Sulphur-Crested Cockatoo)

Jesse has been at Free Flight since 2013. He is a lovebug who wants nothing but cuddles and playtime. We have nicknamed Jesse our little "Goat," because he is always trying to crawl down from his perch and chew up the plants in our sanctuary. Jesse can be a bit stubborn when he does not get his way, and will require owners who are able to help him maintain healthy boundaries in his home environment. We estimate he is about 19 years old.

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